Why Honesty is the Most Important Intangible in Your Success

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Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur. – Zig Ziglar Have you ever noticed that being honest to others seems like a no-brainer, but we can justify being dishonest [...]

Understanding ‘Big Data’ and How it Can Help Your Business

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If you’re like me, the term ‘big data’ sounds like a catch-all phrase. To help explain it better, I found a great piece by IBM (an industry leader in analytics) describing the four dimensions their [...]

The Rise of Influencer Marketing and how it can help your business

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Does that athlete or supermodel REALLY use the product they’re promoting? Probably not. Most celeb-endorsements are done because of Influencer Marketing.  Everyone understands the power of connectivity social media provides.  It’s a fantastic revolution in [...]

The Tips You Need to Use Infusionsoft Effectively

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Converting cold leads into sales takes more than a killer social media presence and an all-encompassing digital marketing ad campaign.  While these are influential tools for gathering interest, the hard work of actually converting users/views [...]

Lead Generation-How to Scale Up Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

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Lead Generation: Going Back to Basics Lead generation is one of those areas of business that you will always need to think about.  You’re probably asking yourself every week if the inbound strategies you are [...]