Building The Best You

Building The Best You
Building The Best You2017-06-07T13:49:58+00:00

Building the Best YOU

with Matt Rush

  • Is it really possible for YOU to be happy, healthy and prosperous?

  • Can YOU really expect to have solid family relationships, peace of mind, and a feeling of security?

  • Have YOU ever wondered if you could create a better tomorrow for yourself?


I’m Ready!
I’m Ready!

Course Overview

Module 1Self-Image

  • Self-Image is the most important thing to tackle because we have to start you to seeing who you really are and who God created you to be.  In this, the longest session, we will identify and strengthen your positive qualities and begin the process of changing your mental diet.

Module 2Your Relationship with Others

  • One of the greatest problems facing us today is the lack of strong relationships with others. Especially in a technology driven age. This week we will go over what it means to be a “good-finder.”  Then we will delve into what we can learn from our current relationships.

Module 3Goals

  • We have all been told we need to have goals, we need to set them, we need to achieve them but rarely has anyone told you how to do that. In Week 3 we will actually go through Mr. Ziglar’s, Seven Step Goal Setting Formula.  A formula that can be used on any size of goal you have!

Module 4Attitude

  • Attitude is the little thing that can make a BIG DIFFERENCE! With the right attitude your ability to accomplish the first three steps is going to be exponentially more possible. We will talk about choosing your attitude and making sure yours is one worth catching.

Module 5Work

  • For most people “work” is a bad four-letter word. If you are willing to create a strong work ethic and then race to the finish your life will improve drastically.

Module 6Desire

  • The key to Building the Best You all comes down to the 6th and final step. This week we will talk about the importance of being “Intelligently IGNORANT!” With this principle you will be able to bust through the obligations and limitations that may have shackled you in the past.
I’m Ready!

YOU can Be More. YOU can Do More. YOU can Have More.

Together let’s Build the Best YOU!