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Our digital marketing strategy is founded on 4 proven key elements to get you the results you seek. We are obsessed with getting you more leads and more engagement, so that you can close more sales.


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What Works

We Stay Up-to-Date

The Internet is in a constant change and evolving every minute. Our team tracks trends while testing new methods to make sure the formula works for you.

Strategic Testing

Test, Test & Test Again.

Targeting your audience can be a difficult challenge but not when you know what works. We dig deep to target your perfect customer and catch them while their in the mood.

Social Platforms are competing to get your Advertising budget and this can be beneficial to you. As they improve with new features we can optimize your campaign on the fly.

Grow With Your Audience

New Methods

Know What Works

We Stay Up-to-Date

The internet is ever-evolving. Once you have one thing mastered, it changes. Our team keeps up with tracking the trends while testing new methods to make sure the strategy we’re using actually works for you.

Strategic Testing

We Test & Test Again

We’re not saying our team can read minds, but… we come pretty close. Especially when it comes to figuring out what your ideal client is looking for. We will test our targets until your perfect customers are clicking on (and buying) what you’re offering.

We don’t try to trick social platforms… we leverage them for your benefit. As platforms improve with new features and algorithms, we optimize your campaign on the fly.

We Grow Together

New Methods

Jacob’s 4 Cylinder System

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Meet The Team

Jacob Salem

Laura Wells

William E. Willoughby III

The Shepherd

Project Manager & Copy Queen

Branding Beast

Our team has decades of experience in digital marketing, and we're constantly keeping ourselves in tune with what's new and what's working now.

Morag Brand

Tech Tinker

Seeking out solutions. Jacob is the CEO of EZMetrics and the digital marketing expert behind the Zig Ziglar presence online. Jacob grew the Zig Ziglar Facebook page to over 4 million likes and followers, organically, without paying for a single like. He is the brains behind this operation and is obsessed with getting results for our clients.

She can see a typo from a mile away and uses her powers for good. As our main copy-editor, Laura ensures that your words convey your message. With decades of experience in working with entrepreneurs, Laura makes sure nothing (and no one) falls through the cracks.

Residing in Egypt, by way of the U.K., Morag is our full-time coder. She is a ClickFunnels ninja and integration wizard who makes sure that all systems are “go”, everything functions as it should and keeps the technical stuff in line.

If it needs to look good, you can count on William. He will enhance your online presence with high-end imagery and meaningful design. William has a decade of Color Theory education and experience and is driven by passion (and caffeine), so it's 24/7/365 design, day and night.

Justin Lautermilch

Jessie Silas

Facebook Acquisition King

Communications Expert

Robert McKenzie

Video Footage Assembler

Justin is the magician behind your Facebook ads and keeps an eagle-eye on your metrics, making sure that your ad spend is working in your favor. He gets paid to be on Facebook all day. #dreamjob

Every agency needs a spot-on sales rep, and Jessie is the man. He is the one that helps ensure our clients are a good fit for us, and that we’re a good fit for our clients. He has also known our CEO since college, so he has great stories to share.

Charles Workman

Facebook Commander in Chief

He makes websites & Facebook ads come to life with videos that capture the attention of your perfect client.


Sales Representatives

email for details.

James Zacharias

Inside Sales Representative

Sophia LaMore

Email Marketing Specialist

Ensure marketing message is conveyed clearly and delivered properly to prospects. Develop the list segmentation for all direct and interactive marketing campaigns.

Meghan Townsend

Inside Sales Representative

Works exclusively with the ‘king’ to create unique ads for our clientele.

Meet The CEO

Jacob Salem

Jacob Salem is the Founder of EZMetrics; the Digital Marketing Agency behind Ziglar, Inc., Les Brown, as well as several small businesses and non-profit organizations. Cumulatively, EZMetrics has helped generate over 1,000,000 leads and they pride themselves on helping brands grow and monetize their presence online. Using Zig Ziglar's time-tested and proven formulas, Jacob built his business on six foundational building blocks: Faith, Love, Loyalty, Character, Honesty, and Integrity.

Meet The CEO

Jacob and his team of online and social media experts work with small businesses, large corporations, and entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their brands online to get more leads and close more sales – without breaking the bank. Using Zig Ziglar’s time-tested and proven formula, Jacob built his life on six foundational building blocks: Faith, Love, Loyalty, Character, Honesty, and Integrity. Through the years, Jacob has developed multiple social media marketing companies and has worked intimately with Zig Ziglar International. Jacob and his team have helped businesses reach millions of potential customers using Facebook marketing and algorithm management. He has taught thousands how to succeed in the digital marketing realm, and he’s excited to help you do the same.


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