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Jacob Salem built the Zig Ziglar Facebook page to over 4 million likes and followers, and as he was doing that, he realized the joy of metrics and numbers. That brought him to founding EZMetrics to help others understand and implement the metrics that matter so that they can succeed.

How to Make Back Linking Work for You?

It’s the digital version of “you scratch my back, I’ll [...]

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How to Build Authority with Your Blog

One of the best in-house marketing techniques you can take [...]

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The Do’s and Don'ts of Customer Service

There is one fundamental aspect of business that simply cannot [...]

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Goal Setting 101: How to Scale the Mountain On Your First Attempt

We all have goals – in personal life and for [...]

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5 Effective Time Management Strategies

It’s crucial to manage your time – even more so [...]

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5 Ways Google Adwords Can Help With SEO Planning

While some people say Adwords is not worth the time [...]

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Major Features of Local SEO

Thought Local SEO was only important for brick & mortar [...]

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How To Use LinkedIn To Propel Your Brand

LinkedIn used to have an outdated layout and design.  Users [...]

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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Twitter Advertisement

I know what you are thinking.  Why bother with Twitter [...]

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5 Tips For Integrating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Sometimes the most obvious thing is the hardest to implement.  [...]

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