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5 Ways To Generate Leads Online

Written by Jacob Salem

These days, businesses can advertise their products and services in more places than ever. As a result, online advertising is a great way to generate leads. The tried and tested methods of outbound calls, and emails are one way to generate leads that will always be successful. If you have yet to try online marketing or are thinking about it, here are 5 ways you can get started on generating more leads and tap into online marketing opportunities.


Your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is everything on Google. Your prospective customers will be searching to find out information or solve a problem they have. You can optimize your SEO so those people can find your business at the top of the list. Unique keywords will help your link appear in searches that include the exact keywords. In addition, those keywords that pop up on your website, blogs, and social media posts will boost your SEO. 


Sharing engaging content is a great way to get leads to your landing page. Valuable and informative content will hook your target audience. You’ll need to create and distribute content so it is easy to find. If your content solves a problem and provides relevant information, they’ll likely follow through with your call to action. Think about blogs, newsletters, and social media posts. Through the free content, organic traffic can snowball into paying customers over time. 

Social Media

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to share helpful content and entice your followers to head to your website. You can offer promotions, share a call to action, and spread information about your product or service. Often, prospects will browse through your social media posts before checking out your website because it is an easier way to get the information they’re looking for and reach out if they have questions. So, make sure your posts are current and relevant.


Starting a blog is perfect for attracting organic traffic from multiple sources, like search engines. If you want to start a more straightforward content marketing strategy, consider including a blog page on your website. You can create short blog posts that have keywords for your target audience to search for you. You’re the best source for your business and know the most about your industry. Also, include a call to action at the end of the blog to encourage readers to reach out to you.

Paid Ads

Last but not least, paid ads on Google and Facebook are the best way to generate online leads. Paid ads will target the audience most likely to buy your product or service, expand your reach beyond organic exposure, and work faster for you than the previously mentioned methods of online advertising. A digital marketing service can take care of creating an ad campaign for you so you can expand your reach without putting in more effort.

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