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Does your Instagram account need a glow-up?

Written by Jacob Salem

Your Instagram profile can make all the difference in whether your potential customers follow your business. The first thing people see is your profile and your feed, and the few moments they are looking at your posts determine whether or not they are interested in your products or services. 

A fresh new look can help boost your followers and bring traffic to your site. Here are 5 ways to improve your Instagram profile and strengthen your brand awareness. 

Update your Instagram Profile Picture

Make sure your profile picture is the best version of your logo. The ideal size for your profile photo will be 110 x 110 pixels. That way, your image will be of the best quality and won’t be fuzzy or stretched. Upload your design at a higher resolution, and you’ll have even better quality at 360 x 360 pixels. Your profile picture shows up in more places than your profile, like on the search results and the stories, and it’s what people associate with your account, so you want to make sure it is clear what your brand is all about.

Edit Your Bio

The bio is the second thing you want to look at on your profile. You have 150 characters to write a short description of your business. The bio is how viewers learn about your business and what your account is all about. Make it short and sweet, and use emojis if they make sense and are still professional. You’ll want to make it clear in your bio a CTA and include the link to your website in the appropriate section.

Create a Visual Identity

An appealing feed will help potential customers follow your business profile. You only have a few seconds to make a “first impression” on Instagram! A visually appealing feed will help make your brand stand out and give your audience a sense of who you are. Colors, quality photos, and easy-to-read text posts can give your feed a professional feel. In addition, the layout and color palette will show your page’s personality and help your business gain brand recognition. 

Switch up Your Type of Posts

If your profile only shows one post type, it can limit your engagement—schedule posts like photos, videos, and graphics to get the broadest reach possible. For example, graphics can include text that highlights an inspirational quote or a relatable experience to draw people in, and they can quickly learn about your values in a quick scroll. Also, don’t be afraid to take and share videos. It’s simple to edit together footage in the reels format on Instagram, and you can choose from tons of popular songs that will help get views, too. 

Share to Your Story Once a Day

Stories only last 24 hours and are a quick way to share products, updates, and fun information. You can use stories to share videos, photos, graphics, and posts from your feed. There are loads of eye-catching stickers and GIFs to make your stories enjoyable, and you can include music to capture your attention. If you want your stories to stick around longer, use the “highlights” section to pin them to your profile. Anyone who views your profile can go through the stories you saved in the highlights section.

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