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Secrets of Closing the Sale

Written by Jacob Salem

It takes work to do well in sales and not just work on your professional skills. To interest your potential customers and earn their trust, you must always work on yourself.

Some of the best sales techniques are not new to the field but are tried and true methods. Here are 5 secrets to getting better sales from one of the best, Zig Ziglar, as written in his book “Secrets of Closing the Sale.”

Have Integrity

Zig Ziglar starts his book with the conviction that “professional sales requires the highest degree of integrity.” Integrity is doing what is right, having strong morals, and being honest. If a salesperson does not show a solid ethical backbone, customers can tell they are being sold something that isn’t useful to them or is overpriced

Zig’s life philosophy is that you can have everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want. A salesperson with integrity helps others get what they need for a fair price. When your objective is to ensure the customer gets good value, you’ve started a relationship with a customer who will help you find more like-minded customers.

Believe in What You Sell

You have to believe in what you sell and be enthusiastic about it. When you honestly believe you are offering your customer the best, you know the customer is winning by purchasing. And then you win, too!

Start by getting a good picture of what your customer wants, then show them how the product or service will make them get what they want and make their life easier. Customers can tell if a salesperson is selling something that goes against their best interest, and they’ll be quick to say no.

Be Enthusiastic

People can tell when you’re not enthusiastic about what you’re selling. You’ll come across as positive and honest when you genuinely feel like you want to be at work, getting to know your customers, and sharing the great things about your product or service. Positive energy is contagious

When you are enthusiastic about what you sell, your customers will be excited about buying, too. So think of not only selling products and services but selling them your enthusiasm as well.

Don’t Give Up

Zig Ziglar says that the best salespeople are a little hard of hearing, meaning they don’t understand the word “no.” When a customer objects, they don’t give up right away. A persistent salesperson believes the customer needs to know more about the benefits before deciding.

What creates success is making small changes every day. Putting in a little effort every day can lead to significant results at the end of the month. Make a list at the beginning of your day with 3 things you want to accomplish. Refrain from overloading yourself with too much, or you’ll feel like a failure. Set yourself up for success!

Make Your Health a Priority

Zig believes spiritual health is essential for a salesperson to practice regularly. Along those lines, taking care of yourself will show your customers that you look and feel your best. That reflects in their willingness to trust you and believe in you.

Make sure you spend time eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and being physically active. Customers will respond better to salespeople with good energy and a positive mindset.

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