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Strategies for a Scalable Business

Written by Jacob Salem

Every business starts with an idea. Big companies have to start somewhere, so even if your business is small right now, that doesn’t mean it can’t grow into a successful and profitable business!

Are you struggling with growing a business? These 5 strategies will help you scale your business and get ahead of the competition.

  1. Build On Your Skills
  2. Collaborate With Others
  3. Invest In Yourself
  4. Plan Your Goals
  5. Create Value

Scaling Versus Growth

Scaling a business is all about how well your business grows and increases revenue. Growth and scaling are similar because they support more profits, customers, and staff. The main difference between growth and scaling is that scaling can deliver more services and products without spending more money. 

For example, you may have grown your business by gathering more customers. However, you’ll need a new customer service member to handle the intake of new customers. Scaling means you’ll be able to take all the new customers without needing to hire new employees to cover the workload. 

Build On Your Skills

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is the best thing you can do when growing your business. Don’t be afraid to step aside if you need to and away from certain areas if they don’t fall under your strengths. But, on the other hand, be comfortable not knowing everything, so you always have a learning mindset. That way, you can keep building on your skills and bringing more to your business.

Collaborate With Others

One way to stay motivated is to communicate with other business owners. There are lots of ways to connect with like-minded people! Learning what others are doing will inspire you to keep moving forward and give you the insight you need to tackle any conflicts that come your way. Join groups on social media or set up coffee hours with local business owners in your area, and you can start collaborating with others.

Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself may sound like building on your skills, and those two ideas are similar. However, investing in yourself is a shift in mindset vital to growing your business. It would help if you were in charge of your schedule, identify talent in your company, and create benchmarks. Then, only you can meet the demands of your business.

Plan Your Goals

Focus on building a solid foundation through strong skill sets, embracing your core strengths, and creating a strategic plan. With a thorough plan, anything is achievable:

  1. Research your business’ competition and evaluate your actions to set yourself apart.
  2. Write a plan of action to get you where you want to be with your business.
  3. Break down each big goal into smaller steps leading you in the right direction.

Create Value

Lastly, to have a scalable business that will continue to grow, you need a service or product that is valuable to a large population of people. It should satisfy a need or provide a solution to a common problem. If there is enough demand for your product or service, that is a good sign you are ready to scale your business. Current trends may impact customer expectations and are something to consider when you start to scale.

If your sales model and processes are working smoothly, and your profit margin looks good, you should be set to scale your business up!

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