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Tips for Tapping Into New Social Media Audiences

Written by Jacob Salem

Is your audience all tapped out? Even if you’re doing everything right with your social media strategy, you may be marketing to an audience that is all too familiar with your business. However, you can effectively grow a new audience while keeping your current followers engaged. So switch up with these tips to find a new audience to market to on social media.

Your regular followers have already seen your posts and know what you have to offer. It’s time to start marketing to a new audience, and here’s how!


Research your new target audience and learn about their basic information. Whether tapping into a younger audience or one with a niche interest, you need to start with the basics, like their age, location, income, and hobbies. By learning what makes them interested and engaged through their habits, you’ll be more successful in engaging them. Figure out how to reach out to them with emotion and passion. Do they love to cook? Include more recipes in your content. Pique their interest with relevant and valuable content and information.


You’ll have to explore new social media channels to reach new audiences. Your new audience may be on a social network you haven’t used. You’ll need to decide if you can effectively advertise on different platforms. If you’re looking for a niche group, you may try LinkedIn and get involved in groups with other businesses. Some social sites like Twitter can be explored using strategic hashtags to reach new audiences.


Hiring an influencer can help you reach new audiences you wouldn’t be able to from your business account. Many people follow influencers for many reasons, and you’ll be able to market to a large group of diverse people at once. Research shows that brand messages shared through an influencer are very effective for marketing. You can pick and choose who you’d like to work with. Check out my blog post here to learn more about establishing an influencer marketing plan!


You must create new content that will resonate with your unique audience and feature what they care about. Consider what will attract your new audience to your product or service. What interests do your new audience and your old audience have in common? Design content that will keep your current audience engaged and attract your unique audience. You can also use paid ads for advertising specific content to your unique audience now that you’ve researched their basic information.

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