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Where did the time go?

Written by Jacob Salem

3 Ways to Find More Time in your Workday

Have you ever felt like the time goes so fast during your work day, and wonder, “where did the time go?”  

Managing your time effectively can be the difference between success or failure within your business.

Here are three ways that you can you improve your time-management skills:

Avoid Multitasking

  • There will always be more than one thing competing for your attention. At times, it can be hard to focus on just one thing and seeing it through completion. Even though it can be difficult, it is very important to avoid multitasking! Single tasking is the most effective way to achieve your goal. When you focus on one thing at a time you are able to devote all of your knowledge to this task. Therefore, you are able to perform your best work.

Communication Within your Business

  • When you own a business, it is easy to take on every task instead of delegating to your team members. At first, it can be hard to let go of tasks, as you want them to be done a specific way. It is crucial that you hire the right team members that you can trust and have faith in their abilities. Delegate that which does not require your personality or your specific skill-set. As a leader, it is important that you communicate to your team members in order for them to realize the importance of their task, along with clear directions to complete the job.

Organize Your Business

  • Organizing and cleaning after a long day at the office is the last thing that most people want to participate in. However, when everything is organized and clean, it makes your team more efficient. Additionally, clients are less likely to fall through the cracks, which creates ease of mind for both the employees and the owner.


Of course, in today’s world of technology, it is easy to succumb to being distracted hundreds of times per day!  Think about how many micro-breaks you take each day to scroll social media or watch a YouTube video.

A majority of time wasted is in small increments rather than all at once. If you would add up the five minutes spent here and there performing small things like aimlessly scrolling on your social media accounts or playing an online game, it would amount to numerous hours wasted. This is time spent that could have been used to grow your business!

A great solution that many successful entrepreneurs and employees use, is to set a timer. On your phone, set a timer for 20 minutes and “go dark”. Don’t answer texts, messages, calls, etc. Shut down all other tabs on your computer, remove any distractions from your eyesight, and get to work on your task at hand for that 20 minutes.  It’s pretty incredible the amount of work you will get done when you just focus on a single task.

Let us know… what areas are you wasting minutes of your day? Have you found these tips helpful? We’d love to know what you implement and the results you have!