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Why Digital Marketing is Good For Business

Written by Jacob Salem

Digital marketing has boomed recently. Online marketing is rising because so many people use social media daily. However, if you think back to ten years ago, the marketing world would have looked very different. 

What is it about digital marketing that makes it so successful? And, is it good for businesses to invest their time and resources?

Absolutely! Digital marketing is great for businesses. But, of course, traditional marketing is just as effective as ever, and digital marketing is another marketing branch. You can reach a wider audience with social media and attract their attention in ways you couldn’t do before the internet.

Here are the top 3 ways to get started with digital marketing and why it is excellent for businesses.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads are super helpful for your business to reach the right audience. Google Ads will help your webpage appear in one of the first search results and draw more people to your website. Facebook Ads will make your posts appear on users’ feeds that will be most interested in your product or service.

For a paid ad campaign to be successful, it needs to have a well-written copy and attractive graphics or video. Also, a long-running campaign can cost a lot of money for an unknown amount of leads in return. It may take some research to learn how to do paid ads for a small business, or an expert can help set it up for you.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how your business’ webpage will appear on a search engine like Google. Of course, you want to be at the top of the list, so you’ll catch the attention of prospective customers before any other competitors. 

By using keywords on your website and blogs, you can get a higher ranking on your SEO. Also, having a solid social media presence will help your SEO ranking. Any social media posts that draw attention to your website and your blogs will increase organic traffic.

Writing blogs and redoing your business website can take a lot of time. However, you can determine which keywords are best for headers and blogs, so your page will appear higher in the Google search results. Also, a digital marketing agency will help write the blogs and elevate your webpage.

Email Marketing

Email marketing sends promotional emails directly to your prospective customers’ inboxes. Sending out emails is a great way to personalize your business and build a relationship with your customers. Most people have an email and check it often, even if they don’t use social media. An email can relay more information than a social media caption and be more conversational. 

First, you must set up a mailing list and schedule emails to go out regularly. That can take some time to write the newsletter and plan the campaigns, so that a digital marketer can do that for you.

Done For You

EZMetrics can do all digital marketing for your business, so you don’t have to! We will help you through every step of the way, so you understand what we’re going to do and how we will help increase your business success. Contact us today to get started!