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5 Ways Google Adwords Can Help With SEO Planning

Written by Jacob Salem

While some people say Adwords is not worth the time and money, from an SEO perspective it is an extremely valuable resource.  It informs the most important component of an SEO approach – the keyword list. 

There are many intangibles to keyword searches that can only be teased out from high quality data.  High quality data means the information gathered from running a short PPC campaign with a variety of relevant keywords and phrases. 

Paying a little bit for this high quality data makes sense in the short-term because it helps isolate the keywords that actually convert for your client.  Simply using the most popular keywords in your niche does not guarantee high conversion rate (or even high traffic) for your site. 

Don’t forget that the painstaking work of SEO means always analyzing and changing your keyword set to match search term queries. 

Here are 3 ways that Google Adwords can inform your SEO approach:

  1. Use Filters On Data

Filters is a great tool because they allow you to get particular insight about one large set of data.  You can literally get thirty different perspectives on the same data set by using filters. 

Maybe you want to see which keywords are not converting.  This is a great way to challenge the common assumption that popular keywords are the most valuable to keep.  Use a filter to see which keywords actually convert best in the keyword set for your client, and use this information to target only the most relevant keywords going forward. 

  1. Add Segments To Learn More About Keyword Searches

Segments are a great way to figure out what kinds of phrases work best for each keyword. 

Often times a keyword with a high conversion rate will not be as effective in a long tail form. 

For example, let’s say “shoe store” is your base keyword that does pretty well.  But let’s presume you have added “best shoe store Chicago” and “Chicago shoe store best prices” to your keyword list.  Adding segments to test Search Term Match Type will tell you if short tail or long tail keywords convert better. 

  1. The URL Conversion Rate Is Key

Another option with Google Adwords is to asses which URL has the best conversion rate.  Referred to as ‘Destination URLs’, Adwords is able to inform the user which pages on the site have had the most conversion success. 

That should lead you to analyze the keywords used on the page and apply a similar style to your other pages.

If, for example, the URL with a high conversation rate has less text on it, that is certainly something to apply across the site. 

SEO Is All About the Intangibles

These are only a few of the ways to make use of Google Adwords in your approach to SEO. 

The specificity of each method highlights the fact that SEO is all about the intangibles.  Every component of a website is connected, and it must always remain relevant according to the most important variable at play: the keyword list. 

Google Adwords can help with that, mainly by providing some insightful data about the nuances of search terms. 


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