Why Use Facebook Messenger Ads? [Facebook Messenger Marketing 101]

Why Use Facebook Messenger Ads? [Facebook Messenger Marketing 101]

Learn How to Create and Scale FB Messenger Ads

This post is featured in our Facebook Messenger Marketing 101 series.

Facebook Messenger ads are all the craze right now.

And there’s good reason for that.

They’re the most personal ad type.

Which means they’re the most effective.

According to Zephoria’s May 2017 statistics, there are almost 2 billion Facebook users each month. Of those, over 1 billion are using Facebook daily, both on mobile and desktop.

These are double-digit increases from 2016. More people are using Facebook more often.

Which means that, as a marketing venue, Facebook offers a lot of opportunity.

I’ve been a fan of Facebook advertising for many years, and I’ve done it successfully.

(In fact, I have a live course where I teach all my Facebook secrets, so if you’re interested, be sure to check that out!)

You can’t beat being able to hyper-target. It’s great for conversion rates.

Which is great for your bottom line.

What should you know about Facebook Messenger ads?

Facebook advertising is a big deal to me. I’ve seen a lot of success with it (and you can too!).

So why not stick with that?

Why use Facebook Messenger ads?

Consider this: over 1.2 billion people are using Facebook Messenger actively. It’s been on a steady increase since its release.

And from the way things look, there’s only going to be more people using it more often.

In 2015, messaging apps overtook social networking apps. More people are using messenger apps now than they are using social networking.

This is how people are communicating — with messenger and chat apps. It’s where people are.

Here’s something else that will catch your eye.

Every month, people exchange 1 billion messages with businesses on Facebook Messenger.

You have a phone, right? And email?

Now you need to have Facebook Messenger too.

Chat apps are where people go when they don’t have a phone number.

Or they don’t feel like calling.

Not being able to chat on Facebook Messenger is like not answering the phone in the car service center.

Messenger has become a primary line of communication.

(That’s true for businesses, just as much as it is for individuals. Maybe moreso, actually!)

Facebook reports:

  • 56% of people would rather message than call customer service
  • More than 1 in 2 people say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message
  • 67% expect to message businesses more in the next 2 years

More people want to use Facebook and Messenger as their “preferred way to communicate with a business”: [source]

You can have an entire customer journey through Facebook Messenger. And that’s just how Facebook wants it.

In order to optimize your Facebook ad dollars, the best thing you can do is to work within their preferences, and keeping people on their site is their first objective.

Learn How to Create and Scale FB Messenger Ads

Why can Facebook Messenger ads work for you?

Facebook Messenger works for just about everyone.

That’s because just about everyone is on Facebook. It’s not just old people or young people or techies.

Here’s why Facebook Messenger ads can work for your business:

  • They’re conversational.

With these ads, you have a chance to jump into the conversation where your audience already is.

Think of going to the store and talking to people while they’re in line.

  • They’re for more than just talking — you can take money too!

Facebook has been working on a lot of integrations, including PayPal and Stripe.

That means your audience can become paying customers without ever leaving Messenger.

  • They make the customer journey easy and low friction.

Less clicks means a higher conversion rate.

It’s something we see over and over in digital marketing: the more you make people work (or click), the less likely they will give you their money.

And we want to rock your bottom line, which means getting people to pay!

Want to learn more?

Don’t miss my free training on how to create and scale Facebook Messenger ads!

Have you tried Facebook Messenger ads? What did you love (or hate)?

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