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Traits of Successful Business Leaders

Written by Jacob Salem

Your main goal is to have a successful business. You work daily to deliver the best product or service and reach your customers. In addition, you want to increase your profits and afford the life of your dreams.

There’s more to being successful than just great business tactics. Your business is an extension of you. So when you work on yourself, you also bring more to your business.

Here are 5 traits that successful business owners embody.


Everyone learns as a child that it’s essential, to be honest with others, especially parents and teachers. However, another critical part of honesty that we only sometimes consider is being honest with ourselves.

A big part of growth is learning to see yourself as you are. We all make mistakes. We all have areas where we need to work on. Being honest with yourself means understanding your competency about certain things and accepting your mistakes.


Integrity is the old mantra to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Essentially, integrity means doing the right thing. People will only want to buy from businesses or work with business owners with different morals and values.

Think about what values you find essential in your life and that you bring to your business. Integrity is one of an entrepreneur’s most critical assets because it is your business’s backbone. You will always be headed in the right direction when you have integrity.


If you have personal accountability, it will also show up in your business because you’ll be able to admit when you make mistakes and readjust for future success. In addition, when you hold yourself accountable, you set high expectations for yourself and others who work with you.

To run a business, you will run into problems. Entrepreneurs who can admit when they make mistakes and find a solution will have more success because they won’t flounder at the first issue that comes up. Accountability means you can be relied on to get work done and figure things out.


Flexibility is necessary because you never know what life will throw at you. There are hundreds of things not in your control. An essential thing in your possession is yourself. You get to decide what you focus your energy on and how you deal with problems.

Being able to adjust plans and schedules without getting flustered is a critical skill. It takes composure and a realization that you can only control a small fraction of things in your vicinity – the rest is up to others, whom you have to trust.


Successful business leaders know how to be themselves in any audience. Transparency is a skill that helps you be honest, moral, and reliable. Admitting mistakes, giving constructive feedback, and knowing your goals are all helping you be more transparent with your staff, peers, and essential people in your life.

People only buy from businesses they trust, and transparency is an excellent way to show others you are trustworthy. Loyal customers will come back and purchase again if they feel they can trust the business and will share their good experiences with others. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to increase sales.

Social Media and Business

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